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Presenting details of the Self Love Workshop – an invite only event for successful businesswomen to engage with a supportive network of other successful business women in Melbourne. The event is a journey of rediscovering yourself and rejuvenating your soul because ‘ what matters is how quickly you find what your soul desires’.

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All About

Lucia Zelesco

Lucia Zelesco is a Personal Branding Expert.

Lucia’s know exactly how to position your brand as a world class brand leading the way. With clients around Australia and the world, she is a go to expert in the field.

Be seen, be heard and stand out are her go to catch phrases when it comes to branding her clients.

Now more than ever in our competitive business world, people buy from people and want to see authentic brands people can trust. Find out how to positively influence your brand for the next year at our up and coming workshop.

The Self Love Workshop aims to highlight the power of a strong, supportive community. A community where people pitch in and help each other practically, emotionally and socially, also enables vulnerable individuals and the entire community to respond better, adapt and recover especially during these unprecedented times.

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Join us to discover if we can spark an interest that will set your soul on fire. A spark can become a flame; a flame can become a fire!